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The backstory | In the late 1970s, the notorious leader of the Medellin Cartel, Pablo Escobar, kept a small number of hippos in his private zoo. Upon his death, the hippos escaped into nearby waterways and proliferated. Today, their population has grown to approximately 120.

Now, the debate  rages on about what environmental and ecological impact the hippos are having and how best to protect the hippos, the native citizens and the land. That's were we come in.


Objective | Our mission is to raise awareness, facilitate discussion, and help fund solutions to the dilemmas facing Pablo’s hippos.


A fixed portion of all merchandise profits will be directed to environmental, ecological, legal and non-profit organizations focused on helping with the hippos. 

Design | As the Creative Director for Pablo's Hippos, I am responsible for the creation of graphics and brand consistency across all visuals, including: social media, promotional materials, apparel design, and the NFT illustrations. I work closely with the team to come up with ways to promote our project successfully across all social media platforms and raise awareness about this ecological problem.

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