Objective | The project objective for ‘Colors in Nature’ was to display a variety of textures as a paper sample booklet for French Paper Co. while focusing on patterns, pigments, and textures that can be found in Nature and different plants, flowers, and minerals that can be used to make water-based and acrylic paint.


Concept | With the intention of proposing a variety of colors and patterns in nature, the paper sample booklet seeks to reflect several ways in which paint can be made from plants, while enhancing the beauty of patterns in nature. The concept was inspired by organic elements found in nature, and the idea of creating eco-friendly paint that is both biodegradable and useful for artists.


Theme | Particularly focusing on fractals, patterns, and vivid colors, the paper sample booklet makes emphasis on the bright colors found in nature with connection to illustrations, paintings and artistic elements that can be done using plant-based pigments.