Objective | The project objective for Mirage was to package two items unrelated to each other in one package structure that promotes the products and targets a specific market. The chosen items include bubble bottles and perfume.


Concept | With the intention of elevating the idea of maturity and innocence; the concept for Mirage was inspired by coming of age for young girls and the duality between these two characteristics to create a piece that enhances the beauty within the process of becoming an adult while embracing the youth that has been left behind. Innocence is represented by the two bubble bottles, while maturity is symbolized by the perfume bottle.


Theme | Particularly focusing on floral patterns, Mirage adopts a thematic resembling the delicate and youthful nature of maturing for women, while connecting with the idea of flowers blooming. The colors and patterns are similar to those that could be found in young girls’ rooms, with playful use of icons and illustrations.